With their finely textured arrangements WÖR injects new energy into 18th-century melodies from the Flanders region of Belgium. Their music shines an inventive spotlight, with a modern twist, on the melodies in these manuscripts.

WÖR released 2 albums ('Back to the 1780's' (2015) and Sssht (2017) and toured in Europe, Australia, Canada & the US . In August 2018 they won the German award 'Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik' with their last album 'Sssht'.

“WÖR, a massive hit with audiences at the Shetland Folk Festival 2016. Not only did they deliver a very powerful sound, they engaged really well with all ages in the audience who reacted with lots of smiles and appreciation. A fabulous edition to our 2016 lineup."  Mhari Pottinger - Programmer, Shetland Folk Festival

"WÖR's album is brilliant. It's very exciting to hear a young band reinterpreting old manuscripts in a refreshing and new way."  Sam Sweeney - BBC Radio 2 Folk Musician Of The Year 2015

"The music is classic, they call it folk, the result is rock'n'roll."   Marc Vandemoortele (VRT - Radio 1 & Klara)

"The remarkable thing about WÖR is the dynamic way the quintet breath new life into these striking melodies."  
Songlines Magazine (UK)



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Fabio Di Meo

baritone saxophone

Born in Brussels Belgium, Fabio started playing the saxophone at the age of 8 and engaged in lots of music activities such as wind bands, saxophone choir, pop bands, and bigbands. At the age of 18 he started his music studies at the the LUCA School of Art and obtained a master degree in music with specialty of saxophone. He started teaching at the SLAC in Leuven and was involved in many music productions, such as the Belgian National Saxophone choir. After two years of teaching, he went into music production. He started in 2016 as a production officer for the Brussels Jazz Orchestra and is now currently working for Bozar, the Centre for fine Arts Brussels.


Jeroen Goegebuer


Jeroen Goegebuer started playing the violin at the age of  6. After 9 years of violin lessons at the music school in Bornem, Jeroen started at the the LUCA School of Arts, campus Lemmens for the last 2 years of art high school. He received a bachelors degree of jazz violin with Jean-Pierre Catoul at the Conservatory of Ghent. He then studied jazz violin with Michael Gustorff at the Artez Hogeschool in Arnhem (NL). At the same time he taught folk violin at the music school of Bornem. After his studies at conservatories of Gent & Arnhem he toured the world with bands in several genres from pop, rock, and world music. 


Pieterjan Van Kerckhoven

bagpipes - baroque musette - saxophone

Pieterjan is an active international musician and educator. He can be seen and heard on the international scene with his bands WÖR and EmBRUN and his baroque ensemble Bourdon Collectif (Drone collective).  As a freelance musician, he appears on recordings of the early music ensembles “Les Agrémens” (Namur, Belgium) and “Les Menus Plaisirs du Roy” (Brussels, Belgium). Pieterjan holds a master’s and postmaster’s degree in baroque musette and a master’s degree in chamber music from the LUCA School of Arts, campus Lemmens where he studied with Dr. Jean-Pierre Van Hees. Pieterjan is currently the instructor of Bagpipes & Musette at LUCA School of Arts, Campus Lemmens in Leuven, Belgium.


Jonas Scheys


Jonas studied guitar and luth at the conservatory of Ghent (School of Arts). He holds a master’s degree in guitar and is currently the guitar instructor at the Academy for music in Geraardsbergen. He has been very active in the Belgian roots music scene playing bass, guitar and luth. He also performs in various groups and ensembles in other musical genres such as tango, fusion, baroque and renaissance music. All this experience makes him a very versatile musician. "For me, its the interesting that WÖR combines the two musical genres I prefer the most: baroque music and folk. And I can play it on my first love: the guitar!"


Bert Ruymbeek


Bert studied accordion at the Academy of Music, Word and Dance of  Sint-Niklaas at the age of 9. At the age of 15, he participated in various workshops and internships like the Ethno world music camps. His groovy energy and lyrical accordion playing is strongly influenced by Celtic en Nord-European traditional music. He toured with different ensembles and projects (Folklof, Griff, WÖR,..) in Europe, Australia, China, and Canada. Bert is an instructor in several accordion and roots music programs.


Back to the 1780's

WOR takes the audience on a timetravel back and forth now and Flanders 300 years ago. 

About Towers

Preferred to bring this program in the buildings where the original music once sounded: churches, bell towers, chapels, castles


A fast uptempo set


These people were the musicians of their town: violinists, bell tower musicians, dance masters... They played at all sorts of events, from official ceremonies to parties and informal occasions.

Petrus Josephus Van Belle, 1743, Viane
This collection of tunes by Van Belle was discovered in a church organ in Viane about thirty years ago.
Ioannes de Gruijtters, 1746, Antwerpen

De Gruijtters was the carillon player of Antwerp. In his manuscript 194 melodies and popular tunes from his time got noted down.
Fam. Di Martinelli, ca. 1750, Diest
This collection of four musicians books comes from the family archive of Di Martinelli, a family of musicians and lawyers from the town of Diest
Jean-Baptiste-Robert d’Aubat de Saint-Flour, 1757, Gent
A dance master from Ghent. In 1757 his collection of "Honderd uytgelesen Contredansen" was published.
Pierre Trappeniers, ca. 1775, Brussel
A dance master who lived in Brussels between 1734 and 1794 and published three books with contradances. 


Franciscus De Prins, 1781, Leuven
Carillon player and organist at the Sint-Geertruikerk in Leuven.

P.J. Vanpelt, 1786, Tongeren/Maastricht
A collection of tunes well preserved in the beautiful Basilica of Tongeren, a city not far from the town Maastricht (NL) where the origin of this manuscript may be. 


Theodoor or Augustinus Everaerts,  1728, Antwerpen
The collection 'Beyaert' is the oldest collection to be found in Belgium with music for carillon. It contains mainly Christmas carols.


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