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Lindsay Deutsch

Lindsay Deutsch has become a much sought-after soloist and entertainer and is presently touring as solo violinist with Yanni - just returning from Saudi Arabia and presently on a 60 city tour with him in the U.S. 

"Lindsay is one of the most interesting, imaginative, and downright thrilling young violinists in America today."  Jeffrey Kahane, conductor for LACO and world renowned pianist

"Lindsay is an extraordinary artist with a rare gift of communicating musical expression with an energy and commitment that is world class."  Boris Brott, Artistic Director, McGill Chamber Orchestra and National Academy Orchestra of Canada



“ Lindsay Deutsch grabbed that light with a bold, aggressive tone and a body language that speaks loud and clear to audiences raised on rock videos.” LA Times

“Recently I had the pleasure of working with Lindsay Deutsch as solo violinist, during the 14th edition of the Krakow Film Music Festival. I really felt impressed by her amazing talent, enthusiasm, professionalism and beautiful energy. Nowadays is very rare to be able to find all those skills in the same person. Very much looking forward working with her again soon!”

Diego Navarro, Conductor and Composer


"In the “Schindler’s List” selections, Deutsch’s violin virtually became a human voice, one that could suffer and weep but retain an inner strength. From the throaty rumblings to the exquisitely delicate harmonics that reached to the heavens, her rendition was remarkably moving."  Rita Moran - Ventura Daily news

"Lindsay has this magnetic personality and connects with the audience in a way that is totally unique – we love her!"
Beverly Lambert , Orchestra Nova in San Diego

"...a captivating soloist ...gorgeous presence..."  Cape Cod

"We were mesmerized by the brilliance of Ms. Deutsch."  H. Paul Bruncke, Oregon Coast Today

"Deutsch put passion on the front burner and delivered her solos in full flambé style. She put a searing zing on the high notes and played the slow, sensuous passages with ardor."  Portland - Northwest Reverb Blog

"She is a fantastic musician. She got a standing ovation every time!"  Bahman Saless, Musical Director Boulder Chamber Orchestra

"...a brilliant performance ...extraordinarily expressive. A passionate performer filled with a fresh energy and extraordinary talent."
Beverly Lambert, Director of Marketing San Diego Chamber Orchestra

"Lindsay Deutsch is an exciting talent. Our audiences at the Nimoy Concert Series have been thrilled by her performances. We hope she'll think of us as a musical home."  Leonard Nimoy

“Your beauty and talent is amazing. …Absolutely a beautiful performance of Schindler’s List. Thank you for gracing our stage at this Gala honoring John Williams.”  Edye Rugolo, Executive Director, Young Musicians Foundation

“Lindsay Deutsch is the best violinist I have had the pleasure to work with.”  Victor Vener, conductor California Philharmonic 

“There are truly not enough words to express the artistic fulfillment you brought to all of us …”  Harlene Smith, New West Symphony

"The audience leapt to its feet, rewarding the young girl with a genuine standing ovation. What a talent! Deutsch made her violin speak as only a real artist can. The intensity of her playing was so thrilling she captured tension contrasted with tenderness that is the very essence of this moving work."  Gary Smith, The Hamilton Spectator




Reimagining the Beatles, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and more

With a touch of jazz, folk, fiddle, and classical, this genre bending program electrifies listeners with its timeless mashups of the hits of today and the classics of yesterday.

One Singular Night 

Night of Tangos


Lindsay Deutsch, performs with a small, conductorless chamber ensemble presenting the sultry jazz-tangos of the wildly popular Argentinian composer, Astor Piazzolla. The infectious rhythm of the tango, combined with the high octane energy of these powerhouse performers, translates into a thrilling, roof-raising musical journey.


Lindsay Deutsch


With her limitless enthusiasm and vast gifts as a performer and entertainer, American violinist, Lindsay Deutsch, is a charismatic and captivating presence on today’s music scene. She has thrilled audiences world-wide with her passion for music and brilliant display of technique and musicianship. Maestro Jung-Ho Pak, conductor and artistic director of the Cape Symphony Orchestra, says of Lindsay, “A conductor dreams about finding a soloist who understands the essential responsibility of helping change a large community’s view of classical music. In a time when every concert has to be unforgettable and a game changer, Lindsay can make that happen every time.”


Lindsay Deutsch tours as solo violinist with Yanni, having toured with him throughout North America, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Abu Dhabi, Indonesia and Egypt. Ms. Deutsch can be heard on the theme and all 8 episodes of the Netflix blockbuster series, “The Witcher”, which features her prominently as violin soloist and has recorded “The Witcher Suite, Violin Concerto” by Sonya Belousova and Giona Ostinelli for Sony Masterworks, released December, 2021.


When Ms. Deutsch is not on tour with Yanni, she is touring the country with her trio, TAKE3, which has gained national attention. With a flair for the wild and unexpected, the genre-defying trio, TAKE3, brings the refinement of a rigorous classical music background and infuses it with rock-star charisma and is known for their infectious and down-to-earth onstage personalities.


Deutsch also frequently appears as guest soloist with American and Canadian symphonies. Orchestral engagements include the Colorado, Fort Worth, Missoula, New West, Illinois, Las Cruces, Pensacola, Irving, Cape, Knoxville, South Carolina, West Virginia Symphonies as well as the Los Angeles, McGill, Portland and Boulder Chamber Orchestras. 


Ms. Deutsch’s performance of Astor Piazzolla “Four Seasons of Buenos Aires” with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Jeffrey Kahane, was selected for NPR’s Symphony Cast Program. Her movie credits include playing the solo violin sound track for the movie, “The Good Shepherd” starring Robert De Niro.


Ms. Deutsch feels strongly that the young people of today need to have opportunities to be exposed to the world of classical music. In 2007, Lindsay and her sister, Lauren, co-founded a non-profit organization, the Classics Alive Foundation,, dedicated to building classical music audiences. The Youth Orchestra Residency Program has grown into a popular nationwide program for youth orchestras in which Ms. Deutsch is actively involved. 


As a chamber musician, Ms. Deutsch has collaborated with such musicians as Gil Shaham, Jeffrey Kahane, Cho-Liang Lin, Arnold Steinhardt, Chee-Yun, Alisa Weilerstein, Gary Hoffman, and the St. Lawrence String Quartet.


Ms. Deutsch received her education from the Colburn Conservatory in Los Angeles, where she studied under Robert Lipsett.


Lindsay Deutsch plays on an 1845 Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume violin.

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