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Alias Brass


Described as “a sure-fire hit; chamber music of the future with something for everyone”, Alias Brass performances blend virtuosic musicianship with a high level of entertainment.  Committed to promoting an image of music that is inclusive, the Alias Brass strives to fulfill their mission of ensuring that music remains sustainable and thriving in today’s society by presenting works that represent a variety of global styles, genders, and cultures.  From Baroque and Classical, to Jazz and Pop, the Alias Brass dazzles audiences across the globe.


With “creative programming and virtuoso performances” the Alias Brass are true champions of music education.  Dedicated to inspiring the next generation through wide-reaching and relevant workshops for young audiences, their hit educational show bridges the gap between music and widely studied core subjects creating an “enthusiasm and a new-found appreciation for what they, themselves, could accomplish.”


“The Alias Brass members are not only great artists but also charming & fun to work with.  Both the concert & student outreach were top notch & loved by all.”

Betsy Hardie, North San Luis Obispo County Concert Association President

“Alias Brass is OUTSTANDING.  There are not an adequate number of positive adjectives for what this ensemble does!   The chemistry amongst the group is noticed and appreciated.  You were all so much fun to work with.”

Tom Garnella, Hemet Concert Association President


“Alias Brass brought our audience to its feet.  Superb musicianship.  Don't miss this group."

Chris Seidel, Palm Springs Concert President


"Alias Brass delivered the perfect opening concerts for our 83rd season. With creative programing and virtuoso performance, the ensemble engaged every member of the audience. The following day they captivated the attention of nearly 900 fourth grade students. The Zanesville Concert Association is throughly pleased with your two unique and superb performances."  Jim McLaughlin, ZCA booking agent

“OMG!!!!!  Spectacular concert!  Wow!  You hit a home run. It wasn’t just great music - It was an entertainment extravaganza!” Gay Scheffen, Executive Director, Three Lakes Center
“The Alias Brass has the energy, artistry, and showmanship to dazzle any audience. A sure fire hit; chamber music of the future with something for everyone. Don’t miss them!”  Phil Snedecor, Hartt School of Music, Washington Symphonic Brass

“Their performance was engaging, energizing, and entertaining.  Executed with precision, intonation was impeccable, and harmonies were lush.”  Jean Ibbotson, Newton Daily News

"I loved the Alias Brass performance.  The blending of different genre’s of music and skill of the musicians was the standout feature of the performance.  I wish it would have lasted another hour (at least)!"

Father Shane Baxter, Rector. St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica

“The playing was flawless.  Best brass ensemble we’ve had in Butte bar none!” Butte Community Concert Association


“Technically superb musicians!” Dickinson Area Concert Association

"It was our pleasure to host the Alias Brass at our school. The musicians were outstanding.  Their performance was engaging and they were able to include the audience.  The kids walked away with enthusiasm and a new-found appreciation for what they, themselves, could accomplish as musicians." Brian Collicott, Chippewa Falls Middle School


The Importance of Story 
An Evening with the Alias Brass Company

by Craig Thomson Special to The Daily Courier


On November 6th, the Kelowna Community Concert Association presented the Alias Brass Company, a quintet of masterful performers from across the United States. Each boasts an impressive resume of international performances, recordings, and awards, and each holds prestigious positions at American universities. 


Comprising Jonathan Bhatia and T.J. Tesh (both playing trumpet, piccolo trumpet, and flugelhorn); Natalie Brooke Higgins on horn; newcomer Gregory Freeman on trombone, and Clayton Maddox on tuba, Alias Brass combines diverse elements from multiple musical styles and cultural traditions to create engaging performances. 


While their chosen repertoire showcased their impressive technical and emotive skills as instrumentalists and combined many diverse musical styles from classical to jazz, I was most engaged by their ability to weave a compelling narrative and connect to the crowd through their stories. 


The concert opened, as it should, with some well-staged drama. The group entered the darkened hall with their instruments illuminated by string lights and were backlit by brilliant, fanned lances of white light from spotlights on the stage. They began with Anthony DiLorenzo's Fire Dance, a piece depicting fire trucks racing through the streets of Philadelphia. Performed from memory in the darkness, the musicians demonstrated impeccable internal pulse with clean, technical melodic lines. Deprived of their sight, their intonation was at its best, and I was particularly impressed by the tone-matching of the unison trombone and trumpet passages. The song's crisp ending reverberated through the venue, and I held my breath to savour the lingering echoes.  


Freeman's nimble trombone technique was apparent early and continued to impress throughout the night. The trombone is not typically associated with fast, acrobatic melodic lines, but Freeman is hardly an average trombonist. This was his inaugural performance with the Company; they live in separate cities, and so can only rehearse on tour. Freeman had his first rehearsal with the others the day before the show in Kelowna. I happened to be seated beside Wade Dorsey, one of the Okanagan valley's finest trombonists (and a descendant of trombone royalty). Wade's comment about Freeman was simply stated: "That's what a trombone is supposed to sound like!" I was struck by Alias Brass's use of impactful storytelling to frame each song. As a teacher and musician, I enjoy learning about the history of a piece and its composer. It makes the music more interesting and relatable when you can connect the art with the humanity and soul of the person who created it. 


The story of Adoration by Florence Price, a female African American composer, and how the piece was discovered in a chest of unpublished works while tearing down her house after her passing, will remain with me long after I have forgotten the wistful, melancholic chords and the beautiful sound of Higgins's high register on the horn. Learning more about the somewhat-troubling history of Amazing Grace reframes the entire composition for me, but somehow makes it even more poignant. 


The Alias Brass Company staged a lively, fun, and often amusing show. They demonstrated excellent technique and planned a diverse and interesting program. They performed with passion and panache. And they left us with the stories of the people behind the music, which we will remember long after the memories of the music fade.   

Lompoc Concert Association's 75th anniversary season ends on high note

by: Lisa André - Santa Ynez Valley News and Lompoc Record

Resembling a vertical human puzzle piece but composed of three musicians seated on a single chair and a tuba player seated on the floor in front of the chair, members of the Alias Brass Company shifted slightly during an iconic musical performance Saturday that imitated the mechanical movements found in the '80s puzzle video game "Tetris," which immediately excited the audience.

The brass quintet helped close out the Lompoc Concert Association's 75th anniversary season, in what concert association president Larry Li described as "memorable but even more so with their antics, friendly competitiveness, and playfulness." The program, which involved varying musical genres, was executed with theatrical flair not typically seen, according to Li, who referenced the evening's "most memorable piece" based on the music for the video game Tetris.

"The ensemble excelled in entertainment with humorous staged drama among the different members, a friendly tit-for- tat competition that felt fresh, original — not a rehearsed, tired routine," said Li. "The musicians are all excellent on their instruments. While members Jonathan Bhatia and T.J. Tesh, trumpet; Natalie Brooke Higgins, horn; Timothy Dueppen, trombone; and Clayton Maddox, tuba, are known for delivering energizing performances to audiences across North and South America, they reside in four different states and surprisingly don't often rehearse together in-person.

In preparation for Saturday's performance, however, all five members arrived in Lompoc one day early to rehearse for the afternoon, Li said, noting that outside of major performances, each musician is involved with teaching at universities and playing in multiple ensembles in their respective communities.

Alias Brass entertained concertgoers with dramatic pieces "Vuelta del Fuego," "Carmen Suite Bizet," and Bach's "Little Fugue" in G Minor, as well as a lively rendition of Duke Ellington's "It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing."  Alias Brass quintet mixed Bach and Brahms with the jazz sounds of New Orleans and St. James Infirmary, in a memorable performance that was truly applause-worthy all the way to the encore — very special night!" Gerald said. "Audience reception was unanimous in their approval, enjoyment," Li said. According to longtime resident and Lompoc Concert Association publicity chair Molly Gerald, Saturday's performance was a success.


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Combines elements of classical music, jazz, and modern pop-culture, creating a versatile and diverse program that is sure to please any music lover! Complete with lighting and visual effects, choreography, and memorization, Prism blends virtuosic musicianship with a high level of entertainment.

Fire Dance-Anthony DiLorenzo

Little Fugue in G Minor-J. S. Bach, arr. Ronald Romm

Adoration-Florence Price, arr. Jonathan Bhatia

Selections from “Westside Story”-Bernstein, arr. Gale

​Amazing Grace-Traditional, arr. Luther Henderson

Scherzo from Piano Quintet in F minor, op. 34-Johannes Brahms arr. Justis MacKenzie

Vuelta del Fuego-Kevin McKee 


St. James Infirmary-Traditional, arr. Luther Henderson 

Somewhere Over the Rainbow-Harold Arlen, arr. Phil Snedecor

Rondo from Concerto no. 4 in E-flat Major-W.A. Mozart, arr. Larry Engstrom

Gabriel’s Oboe-Ennio Morricone, arr. Jonathan Bhatia​

Fugue on a Theme from Tetris-Traditional, arr. Madeline Lee 

It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing-Duke Ellington, arr. David Kosmyna 

Carmen Suite-Bizet, arr. Madeline Lee

Holiday Magic and MemorieS

Get into the holiday spirit with the Alias Brass Company! Holiday Magic and Memories combines elements of the “sure-fire-hit” Prism show with holiday standards, interactive audience carols, and exciting arrangements.

Fire Dance-Anthony DiLorenzo

Little Fugue in G Minor-J. S. Bach, arr. Ronald Romm

Adoration-Florence Price, arr. Jonathan Bhatia

A Christmas Festival-Lerroy Anderson, arr. Christian Arnold

Go Tell it On the Mountain-Traditional

Silent Night Gruber, arr. Bill Holcombe

Carol of the Nutcrackers-P. Tchaikovsky, arr. Madeline Lee

Vuelta del Fuego-Kevin McKee


St. James Infirmary-Traditional, arr. Luther Henderson

Hark the Herald Angels Sing-Mendelssohn, arr. Lee Poquette

You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch-Hague/Suess, arr. TSGT Bill Bjornes, Jr.

Sleigh Ride-Leroy Anderson, arr. Wade Backley

Fugue on a Theme from Tetris-Traditional, arr. Madeline Lee

It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing-Duke Ellington, arr. David Kosmyna

Christmas Sing-A-Long-arr. Raul S. Ornelas

Soundtrack of Our Lives

Features activities that bridge the gap between music and widely studied core subjects such as English, Math, Science, and Technology.  This hit educational show/assembly performance guides students through a musical journey that demonstrates the ways in which engaging emotions through music can assist in the development of skills necessary for a lifetime of success.

Fire Dance

Anthony DiLorenzo​


Instrument Demonstrations


St. James Infirmary
Traditional, arr. Luther Henderson​


Fugue on a Theme from Tetris
traditional arr. Madeline A. Lee


Carmen Suite

Bizet, arr. Madeline Lee


It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing
Duke Ellington, arr. David Kosmyna​


Vuelta del Fuego

Kevin McKee


Alias Brass

Brass Quintet

Alias Brass

Described as “the only name for music innovation” by Martin Hackleman, formerly of the Empire and Canadian Brass, Alias Brass, founded in 2013, is a collaboration of five uniquely talented artists and educators from across the nation. Alias Brass’ performances are comprised of standards and original compositions, along with concepts that blend virtuosic musicianship with a high level of entertainment. From Baroque and Classical, to Jazz and Pop, Alias Brass’ shows are “a sure-fire hit; chamber music of the future with something for everyone!”

The Alias Brass demonstrates their artistic range with an array of different shows that take audiences on an emotional journey by combining diverse elements of classical music, modern pop-culture, and all things in between to create an experience that is both engaging and exciting. Receiving critical acclaim for being captivating, diverse, and innovative, Alias Brass continues to dazzle audiences across the globe.

Committed to promoting an image of music that is inclusive, Alias Brass strives to fulfill their mission of ensuring that music remains sustainable and thriving in today’s society by presenting works that represent a variety of global styles, genders, and cultures.  Through setting an example that powerful music can be created by and for anyone, Alias Brass creates a gateway into classical music for future musicians and music lovers alike.

Members of the Alias Brass are true champions of music education dedicated to inspiring the next generation through wide-reaching and relevant workshops for young audiences. Alias Brass is active throughout the school year providing clinics, master classes, and demonstrations to young musicians and non-musicians alike, focusing on innovation, creativity, technique, and expression through music.  

No stranger to the international stage, Alias Brass has performed at such venues as the Banff Centre for the Arts Summer Music Concert Series and the International Horn Symposium in Natal, Brazil. They have also been highlighted as featured artists at the International Trumpet Guild Conference in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Alias Brass has been awarded professional residencies at the Rafael Mendez Brass Institute in Denver, Colorado and the Banff Centre for the Arts in Alberta, Canada. The ensemble has performed countless concerts throughout the United States and Canada, touring extensively in such areas as the Pacific Midwest, Midwest, Texas, Georgia, California and Missouri. Additionally, they have performed and given masterclasses across the United States as performers on the Allied Concert Services roster.


Jonathan Bhatia



Jonathan Bhatia is the Lecturer of Music in Trumpet at the University of Nevada, Reno Department of Music, Second Trumpet of the Reno Philharmonic Orchestra, trumpet and founding member of both the Alias Brass Company and BrassHaus Duo, and a Yamaha Young Performing Artist and Educator. Jonathan has performed in various venues and competitions across the globe. He was a prizewinner at the International Prize Competition in Tuscany, Italy, a featured artist at the 2017 International Trumpet Guild Conference in Hershey, PA and a contributing artist at the 2017 International Horn Symposium in Natal, Brazil.


In addition to currently holding the position of Second Trumpet with the Reno Philharmonic Orchestra, Jonathan has held positions with the Young Musicians Foundation Debut Orchestra as their tenured Principal Trumpet, the American Youth Symphony as their second trumpet, and was fortunate enough to play alongside Icelandic composer Johann Johannsson in a live performance of “The Miners’ Hymn” which was featured in the Los Angeles Times’ List of the Best 25 Classical Moments of 2014. Jonathan has also performed with the Houston Symphony Orchestra, Boston Brass, Rodney Marsalis Philadelphia Big Brass, Reno Philharmonic Orchestra, Modern Brass Quintet, Great Basin Brass, Susanville Symphony Orchestra, Brazos Valley Symphony, Symphony of Southeast Texas, Columbus Symphony Orchestra, Columbus Ballet, Southeast Symphony and the All-Star Brass. 


Jonathan’s flair for trumpet solo performance has earned him numerous appearances with ensembles of varying size and scope. Jonathan was featured as a soloist with the Nevada Wind Ensemble, University of California, Los Angeles’ Philharmonia, the Debut Orchestra for their 60th Gala Celebration, and the Soul of the City Concert Series in Beaumont, TX with the Lamar University Brass Ensemble.


As a recording artist, Jonathan has been featured on National Public Radio, can be heard playing on various films including the animated feature film Duck Duck Goose, Jens Lindemann’s album ‘Northern Lights’, the recently released ‘Sierra Brass Quintet’ album, and various recorded performances on his YouTube channel he shares with hornist Natalie Brooke Higgins, the BrassHaus Network.


An award nominated educator, Jonathan educates undergraduate and graduate music performance and music education trumpet students weekly through applied lessons, studio classes, and chamber ensemble coachings.  He can also be found making numerous performance and masterclass appearances across the globe as a soloist or with such ensembles as the Alias Brass Company and BrassHaus Duo. Prior to his appointment at the University of Nevada, Reno, Jonathan was the Instructor of Music in Trumpet at Lamar University, a Texas State University, where he increased the size of the Lamar University Trumpet Studio from nine to a peak of twenty-three students, and provided them with numerous performance opportunities, including an appearance at the 2018 International Trumpet Guild Conference in San Antonio, TX. 


Jonathan Bhatia holds two degrees from the University of California, Los Angeles where he studied with Jens Lindemann and Tom Hooten. Additional mentors include Mark Hughes and Rob Roy McGregor. 


Jonathan plays exclusively on Yamaha instruments.

Dr. T. J. Tesh



Dr. T.J. Tesh joined The University of Southern Mississippi’s faculty in August of 2016 where he now serves as Associate Professor of Trumpet, Undergraduate Coordinator, and Associate Director for Student Services in the School of Music. Dr. Tesh also serves on the Board of Directors and as Treasurer of the International Trumpet Guild. T.J. relocated to Mississippi after an exciting and successful career as a freelance trumpeter and music educator in the Los Angeles area. Dr. Tesh is a Yamaha Performing Artist and Pickett Brass Artist and has enjoyed an eclectic performance career, having performed with music legends like Stevie Wonder, Natalie Cole, Patti Austin, Take 6, Quincy Jones, Dave Koz, Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band, and many others. Prior to leaving Los Angeles, T.J. recorded, toured and performed around the globe for three years as a member of the internationally-celebrated brass quintet, Presidio Brass. Dr. Tesh has also toured and performed throughout the United States and Canada with Victory Brass, the Southern Arts Brass Quintet, and with Mel Brooks’ Tony Award-winning Broadway musical, The Producers, where he served as principal trumpet. T.J. is currently a member of the Alias Brass Company and principal trumpet in the Meridian and Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestras. His debut solo recording, Adaptations for Trumpet, was released in November of 2017.


T.J. received a Master’s in Business Administration from The University of Southern Mississippi in 2020, having previously completed his Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Trumpet Performance at The University of Southern California in 2012, his Master of Music in Trumpet Performance at The University of Kentucky in 2004, and his Bachelor of Arts in Music at Mars Hill College in 2002.

Dr. Natalie Brooke Higgins



Natalie Brooke Higgins, DMA, is an active performer, educator, administrator, and entrepreneur located in Reno, Nevada.  She currently holds the positions of Assistant Professor of Horn at the University of Nevada, Reno, hornist and founding member of both the Alias Brass Company and BrassHaus duo, affiliate artist and tour manager with the Rodney Marsalis Philadelphia Big Brass, and media coordinator for the International Horn Competition of America.  Based on her innovative achievements, service to her community, and commitment to inspire the next generation of musicians and music educators, she has been recognized as one of Georgia Trend Magazine’s 40 under 40 honorees, a feature that celebrates the best and brightest in business, government, nonprofits, education, healthcare, banking, and professional sports.

As a performer, Natalie has been featured in concert series, clinics, and recordings released internationally.  Most recently she can be heard on the Sierra Brass Quintet’s 2022 album titled Sierra Brass Quintet, and the upcoming Alias Brass Company Prism album.


Additionally, Natalie was a featured artist at the International Trumpet Guild Conference in Hershey, PA, and participated as a contributing artist at the International Horn Symposium in Natal, Brazil.  As a soloist, Natalie is a prizewinner of the International Winds, Brass, and Percussion Enkor Competition, winner of both the Music Teacher’s National Association State and Regional Young Artist Brass Competitions, and finalist of the National Round, and winner of the St. Louis Artist Presentation Series.  Natalie has also performed with such ensembles as the Reno Philharmonic, Reno Chamber Orchestra, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra, Kansas City Symphony, South Dakota Symphony, Portland Choir and Orchestra, Southwest Florida Symphony, Symphony of Southeast Texas, Macon Pops, St. Joseph Symphony, American Festival Orchestra, Banff Festival Orchestra, and Columbus Symphony Orchestra.

As an educator, Natalie has instructed and adjudicated throughout North America.  In addition to her current University post, she has held the positions of Assistant Professor of Horn at the Columbus State University Schwob School of Music and Adjunct Professor of horn and high brass methods at Missouri Western State University.  Natalie was a featured artist at Lamar University's Brass Festival, Southeast Missouri State’s Horn Day, and has given clinics and performances at such workshops as the International Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic, Missouri Music Educators Association Conference, Oklahoma Horn Day, Southeast Horn Workshop, and the Western Horn Workshop.

As an administrator and artistic innovator, Natalie co-founded the Schwob Summer Music Festival, the Kansas City Horn Club, and has held positions as the George Mason University Symphony Orchestra and Library Manager, the Gluck Foundation Chamber Music Program Coordinator, and the Gluck Foundation Music Partnership Coordinator. 

Natalie received her Doctorate of Musical Arts from the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance, Masters of Music from George Mason University, and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles. She has studied with many internationally recognized and accomplished brass performers and teachers, among them Martin Hackleman, Chris Cooper, Brian O’Connor, Pete Nowlen, Jens Lindemann, and Patrick Sheridan.

Dr. Timothy Dueppen



International performing and recording trombonist Timothy Dueppen is in demand across North and South America for his work both on stage and as a music educator. As a performer, Tim is known for his smooth sound, vibrant musicality, and ability to perform everything from Jazz to Baroque music. He has toured with John Marcellus in New York and Pennsylvania, including performances at Carnegie Hall in New York City and the National Presbyterian Cathedral in Washington D.C. Additionally, he was a member of the international brass quintet Metales M5 and toured extensively throughout North and South America. He is a proud founding member of the Alias Brass Company, a professional touring brass quintet that recently returned from international performance tours in Brazil and Canada, and national level performances in nearly every state in the U.S. Former Canadian and Empire Brass Hornist Martin Hackelman has written that Alias’ performances contain “not only virtuosic playing, but humor, passion and action as well. Alias Brass is one of the freshest chamber groups out there.” 

Tim has made appearances on international television for his performances in Colombia, Canada, and the United States.  In 2017, his brass trio, the Tephra Collective, released their first international album “Distorted Mirrors” to rave reviews. Tim is also an active freelance trombonist in the U.S. and has performed with jazz greats Horace Silver, John Clayton, Bill Watrous, Kenny Burrell, Bill Evans, and others. He has also performed with numerous pop icons in stage performances including Frankie Valli, and Wayne Newton. Additionally, Tim has made recordings for the Disney Corporation and recorded music for the 2011 Miss USA Pageant. Serving as an Associate Professor of Music in trombone at Lamar University’s Mary Morgan Moore Department of Music since 2014, Tim has built a strong reputation as a pedagogue across North and South America. Tim has also given master classes at numerous colleges, universities, and secondary schools, including at the International Festival of Music in Cartagena, Colombia.

Tim has played with the Houston Symphony (as a member of Virtuosi of Houston), Disney Jazz Band, Opera Pasadena Festival Orchestra, Golden States Pops Orchestra, Lone Star Lyric Opera, Intermountain Opera Orchestra, Montana Ballet Orchestra, Bozeman Symphony, Rapides Symphony, Kingwood Chamber Orchestra and others. He is currently Principal Trombonist with the Symphony of Southeast Texas and has performed the Albrechtsberger alto trombone concerto with the orchestra, jazz trombone solos, and organized and performed on the symphony’s chamber music series, “SOST on the Town.” He is a performing artist sponsored by the Denis Wick Company based out of London, and presents for the corporation at numerous events, including the Midwest Clinics in Chicago and the Texas Music Educators Convention in San Antonio. Tim is also a performing artist for BAC Custom Trombones based out of Kansas City, and is currently performing on a new BAC trombone model that fuses innovative design and the ability to perform in styles such as jazz, chamber music, and orchestral repertoire. He is proud to currently perform as a member of the Lamar Faculty Brass Quintet, the Tephra Collective, the Symphony of Southeast Texas, and the Alias Brass Company. Tim serves as Director of Sacred Music for the Diocese of Beaumont and as director of music at historic St. Anthony’s Cathedral Basilica. Visit Tim online at

Dr. Clayton Maddox



Clayton Maddox is a native of South Bay, Florida. He is an active soloist, chamber artist, and educator. He currently holds the post of Assistant Professor of Tuba and Euphonium and Assistant Director of Bands at the University of South Alabama and Tubist of the Alias Brass Company. 

Clayton has competed in several international competitions such as the Leonard Falcone International Solo Artist Competition and the International Tuba Association Solo Artist Competition. He is a founding member of the Boreas Quartet, which debuted its first album, "The Serpent's Kiss", and has since received the Roger Bobo Award for Excellence in Recording from the International Tuba and Euphonium Association. He is also the music director of the Backburner Tuba and Euphonium Collective. 

As an in demand soloist, Clayton has traveled to Tokyo, Japan to perform a solo recital at Yamaha Ginza Headquarters and Sapporo, Japan where he performed a recital at the historic Sapporo Clock Tower. He has performed with several professional orchestras such as the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra, Tallahassee Symphony, and Orquesta de Sinfónica in Monterrey, Mexico. 

He holds degrees from the University of Alabama, the University of Memphis, and Louisiana State University. His primary teachers have included Demondrae Thurman, Paul Weikle, James Jenkins, Kevin Sanders, and Joseph Skillen.

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